Competent Construction Site Accidents Attorney Representing Virginia Plaintiffs

Construction sites are dangerous places to be by their very nature. With all of the moving parts, heavy equipment, impaired hearing ability, it’s no wonder construction site accidents are very common. Armentrout Accident & Injury Law represents construction employees, passersby, and any other plaintiffs seeking compensation in construction-related personal injury cases. We have nearly 30 years of experience and are eager to help you get the support you need to heal and move on.

Construction Site Accidents & the General Public

Though it is far more common for construction workers to be injured in construction site accidents, members of the general public can find themselves at risk as well. The injuries that can occur are frequently caused by:

  • Falling debris from a roof, ladder, etc.
  • Water contamination
  • Exposure to harmful emissions & substances
  • Electrocution
  • Truck & other movable equipment accident
  • Failure to post safety warnings
  • Fence collapses & failures
  • Cement accidents & damage


If you were trespassing on a construction site, it is unlikely a court will find the site owner or contractor liable. However, if you sustained your injury while passing by the site or during a sanctioned visit/walk-through, we are much likelier to obtain a successful outcome in your case.

Construction Employees & Workers’ Compensation

If you work in construction, it is, unfortunately, very likely that you will sustain an injury of some kind during your career. As you know, it is very common for things to go wrong and the nature of your work puts you in harm’s way regularly. If you have been injured at work and reported the injury to your supervisor, they should promptly file a workers’ compensation claim with their insurance provider on your behalf. The benefits you receive should cover all related medical expenses and at least two-thirds of your weekly salary.


If your employer refuses to cooperate and help you receive your workers’ compensation benefits, they are in violation of numerous state and federal employment laws. It is also likely that their insurance carrier will deny a valid claim, as this happens frequently. If you have encountered any trouble getting benefits, or are afraid your employer will engage in retaliatory behavior following an accident, contact our firm as soon as possible. We are on your side and will do everything we can to rectify this situation and help you recover physically and financially.

Armentrout Accident & Injury Law helps victims of construction site accidents throughout Virginia collect compensation for their injuries. Contact our Harrisonburg office today at (540) 564-1466 to schedule a free consultation with a trusted and effective personal injury lawyer.